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Finding the Best Investment Property Interest Rates

People nowadays are searching for added ways to build up their earnings so most of them are drawn into investing particularly in real estate as it is gaining reputation in the market. Many find this beneficial and can produce better proceeds than your regular investment. Then again, any type of business would always entail not only expertise in the field but also sufficient capital to fund your property investment. That is why there’s the presence of investment property lenders or banks to support you with your financing.

Loaning is your only answer if you don’t have cash to acquire and upgrade a property. But most people are still worried of borrowing from lenders or banks because of investment property interest rates. It is similar to regular loans where you can pick between variable or fixed interest rate. When you loan from a bank, there are ways to save cash by reducing the amount of interest that you will pay. Due to rise of lending companies, banks are giving special offers and discounted rates.

Interest rates will influence on how you are going to pay for your loan, so if you have lower interest rate, you will be paying for a smaller loan. So it is vital for you to find the best investment property interest rates.

* Compare – lending companies compete with each other and it is in the best interest of the investor to search for the company that offer the best rate.

* Property investing – some lenders extend lower interest rates for property investment as it is considered a low risk investing. This is a good thing for those who foster their wealth through real estate.

* Borrow more – some lenders offer discounts on interest rates for a person who borrows more. This may appear risky but as long as the investor knows what he’s doing, why not? It will produce great return if money are used wisely. Borrowing more can also mean an opportunity to remodel the property, if possible, for an growth in revenue.

* Loan calculation – this is very [helpful|useful especially|specially if the investor focuses more on real estate investing because it can give you the best loan [option that will suit your needs. While some people use home loan calculators to find better investment property interest rates, it is still advised to speak to a consultant who can complete the calculations that is precise to his or her goal and situation.

Generally, it is very important for you to find a loan with a reduced interest rate as this will affect how less you are going to pay for your loan and save you a lot of funds. Again, search for special offers and discounted rates on investment property, and then compare providers to make sure you are getting the one with the best investment property interest rates.

Using Your Home To Invest

Many people dream of owning some investments one day. People look forward to owning something that will hopefully give them some money in the future. For a lot of people though, this dream never eventuates as lots of people think that they need to save lots of money before they can think about investing any money. Sadly, lots of people don’t know the tricks to budgeting and saving money so their dreams of investing remain on the “to do” list for many years.

Having a good control over your money is certainly the first stepping stone before you consider any investment. Saving sums of money will lever you into certain investments such as term deposits, managed fund, shares etc. However if you wished to invest in a property, it would be really difficult to save sufficient money to buy an investment property especially if you already owned your own home. So what can you do as an alternative?

Well if you already own a home you are likely to have some equity in it especially if you have had it a long time, paid a lot off your home loan or if property values have risen since you purchased it.

What Is Equity?

Equity is the difference between what your home is worth and what the balance of your home loan is. In other words it is how much of your house you actually own.

e.g. Jack has a property worth $380,000 and he has a home loan for $180,000. His equity is therefore $200,000.

Peter and Jan have a property worth $684,000. They have a two home loans totalling $249,000. Their equity is therefore $435,000.

How Does Equity Increase

There are a number of ways that the value of your equity can increase

1. Paying down your home loan

2. Paying out your home loan

3. Property values increasing

4. Improving your home so the property is worth more

How Do You Use Equity To Invest

Banks are generally willing to lend you money against the security of your house. They take a mortgage over your home which gives them the power to sell your home if you don’t repay your loans. They are often willing to lend about 80% of the value of a property. This means you might be able to take out a loan against your house and use that money to invest.

e.g. Jack’s property is worth $380,000. IF the banks were willing to lend him 80% of the value of his home, then they might consider lending him $304,000 ($380,000 x 80%). As he only owes the bank $180,000 on his home loan, he could have the potential to borrow some more money and to use this money to invest. He could potentially borrow up to $304,000 giving him access to $124,000.

Peter & Jan’s property is worth $684,000. IF the banks were willing to lend them 80% of the value of their home, then they might consider lending them $547,200 ($684,000 x 80%). As they only owe the bank $249,000 on their home loans, they could have the potential to borrow some more money and to use this money to invest. They could potentially borrow up to $547,200 giving them access to a further $298,200.

What Sort Of Investment?

Depending upon how much equity you have available, you could use your equity to invest in any sort of investment that suits you and your particular circumstances. You would need to speak with an accountant / financial adviser / real estate agent / share broker to discuss your different investment options. You would generally be looking for investments that have the potential to rise in value over time. These are called capital growth investments.

There are many tricks to investing wisely and you should always do plenty of research and consider all of your options and personal circumstances before making a decision where to invest.

Loan Repayments

Any loan you take out to buy investments is likely to have some sort of regular repayment plan. As an example you might have to make a loan repayment each month or you may have to meet an interest payment every quarter. You can explore your loan options with your loan broker / banker.

A lot of investments don’t give you sufficient income to meet the repayments on the investment loan (such as property) or if they do, the income may not come through regularly enough (your loan repayment might be due monthly, but an investment such as shares generally only pays dividends half yearly). Before you look at borrowing to invest, you need to ensure this new commitment sits well within your budget and that you can afford to carry additional loans.


There are risks with all forms of investing and these should be carefully considered before you make any commitments. A financial professional will be able to discuss these with you. Borrowing money doesn’t increase or decrease the risk of a particular investment. That investment would carry its own risks irrespective of whether you paid cash for the investment or borrowed money for the investment. The investment itself doesn’t change based upon where you sourced the money.

What additional risks you do carry if you borrow money to buy investments is that if the investment falls in value and if under a worse case scenario you lost all of your money, you would end up with a debt owing to the bank for something that you no longer own or was worth less than the loan.

You should therefore consider the strength of the investment and the likelihood of it going up in value over time. It might not be wise to chase speculative investments if borrowing money and remember any investment that looks too good to be true generally is.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas how you can use your home equity to buy some investments. This article is intended as a guide only and naturally you need to speak with financial professionals who specialise in the fields of financing and investing so you can do the appropriate research before you decide whether or not borrowing to invest suits your individual circumstances. Happy researching and happy investing!

Making Teenage Jewelry Designs

Teenage jewelry design is always in season. Teenagers are very lucrative with these collections. Today, teenagers aging 12 – 19 year-old were mostly seen at the malls and other jewelry or craft stores hunting for some latest teenage jewelry trend. Fashion analyst says, American teenagers are currently spending billions of dollar a year for fashion and beauty, and 90% of them shops for accessories at least once a month.

Fashion for teenagers is very important. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, hairstyles and make-ups are all part of growing up for them. Whatever the kind of fashion they’re into, it symbolizes what they believe, and that creates their own identity. As they are surrounded with fashion, they are also having fun experimenting, from colors to styles and designs.

As to your jewelry business, you may want to consider a small portion of teenage jewelry section to your shop. With reasonable and considerable price, both boys and girls will buy for some reasons. Teenagers are very trendy and if someone wears some of your jewelry then others tend to follow and want to buy the same. This is why hang tags for your jewelry are important as they get your contact details circulating in the teenage community.

To designs jewelries for teenagers, here are some tips for you:

* If you notice, entertainment industries are the main significant factors influencing teenager’s fashion trends. They are likely imitating popular young celebrities, pop stars, rock and alternative bands designs. Once you have learned how to make simple beaded anklet you can alter the simple design to keep up with the latest trends.

* To design jewelry for teenagers, try to ask some teenagers about their favorite style. Know their ideas and feedbacks regarding jewelry trends, you will surely surprised by each of their insights and view.

* Go to your local mall and visit a Hot Topic store, if there is. New trend of styles and designs for teens are commonly available there.

* Generally, teenagers don’t want to wear jewelry that their parents usually wear. So you must understand that there is a big difference between teenager’s jewelry styles with any other age bracket.

* You may want to consider also spiritual and religious theme for your teenage jewelry designs. Teens tend to explore their beliefs by wearing jewelries that have symbols of what they believe. Try to incorporate crystals, healing stones, crucifix, and any other symbols and religious items to your jewelry design.

* Prepare lots of body jewelry; these are a very popular among teenagers. Go with non-pierced body jewelry as they are widely worn by teenager. Teenagers are tempted with affordable ankle bracelets, toe rings, barefoot sandals, and other accessories that can’t show off well under winter clothes during warm weather.

* For young men, they generally want a masculine look. Design some rugged jewelry look using materials such as leather, hemp, beads, silver or pewter for them.

* Remember that the majority of teenagers get shy when wearing jewelry that is too far over the top. They are more comfortable with jewelry styles that are balance, simple, cool and wearable. Focusing on teenage jewelry making becomes a profitable hobby if you can get into the market with your designs. Being able to corner one section of the industry allows you the freedom to create beautiful niche market designs and become an authority in that specific area.

Tips to Wear Fashion Jewelry Sets For Every Season

While fashion jewelry sets are always welcome, and would most certainly look good on a woman, it is still important that you use the right set for every season. Much in the same way that summer clothes would look – and feel – uncomfortable during the cold seasons, fashion jewelry sets meant for summer should not be worn during the winter.

Here are some tips on what kind of fashion jewelry to wear for every season:


Spring is all about new life, freshness, and delicate pastel colored designs. This means that accessories and jewelries that would work well with the spring season must include aspects inspired by nature. Ideal designs are butterfly pendants, flower shaped earrings, wooden bangles and bracelets. Spring jewelry is perfect as companions clothing with printed floral designs.


Summer jewelries should perfectly represent the upbeat, fun, and bright atmosphere of the season it was intended for. The styles that should be used should match or at least complement the colors of the ocean and the clear blue skies. Ideal for these sets are brightly colored beaded necklaces that are a little bit on the long side, which could be enhanced with additional sterling silver chains. Sea-themed accessories are also perfect compliments, such as corals and turquoise-colored natural stones which come in the form of necklaces and earrings. In direct contrast with the appropriate clothes, summer jewelries can be heavy and bulky.


Contrary to what most people would expect, when it comes to fashion and colors, the antithesis of Summer is Autumn, when the fall season starts to wind down and the atmosphere favors warm, subdued, and deep aesthetics. While sterling silver jewelries could work in autumn, a better option would be earth-colored accessories that would not stand out and look awkward when buried beneath a blend of complimenting earth tones.


Winter seasons bring with it cold, snowy weather and the color of the environment tends to lean more towards the white spectrum. Sterling silver would look best for this season, as the sparkle of silver accessories will be reminiscent of glistening snow and ice. On the more practical side, necklaces should be on the shorter side in order to mesh well with turtlenecks, instead of drawing attention to the cleavage area (which is more often covered during the winter season)

Mix and match

Of course, jewelry sets would be a waste if you can only use them during certain parts of the year, which is why it is ideal for you to mix and match accessories, and find items that can be used and would apply to other seasons. For instance, spring jewelry that contains nature-themes would work well during the autumn, and would work well in crafting a nature/environment themed set. On the other hand, pearl jewelry that is used for summer sets will also work and blend in well with the predominantly white-colored winter jewelries. Remember that one of the major aspects of fashion is creativity, so go all out and be creative with your jewelry sets!

Need A Makeover? Trendy Beaded Jewelry Can Help

Losing the confidence you had before during social gatherings or business meetings? If you’re feeling you need to update your image and do a bit of makeover, then start by taking stock of jewelries you have.

Jewelry boosts someone’s image and it’s a great way to make a fashion statement. We have seen ladies wearing white shirt and plain dark colored pants attend social gatherings and business conferences looks gorgeous due to modern beaded jewelry they’re wearing especially necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Even the most plain and dull outfits can transform to shocking outfit once paired with high fashion jewelry. Good thing to note is, with the accelerating recognition of beaded jewelry you can select the right jewelry whatever your taste to enhance your image and suit your budget.

Buying modern beaded jewelry to match even your easy dress or shirt is a great way to feel assured once more. Modern beaded jewelry reflects the hot trends of the time that is the reason why purchasing and wearing them will show folk you are in the loop of hot trends and fashion. They’ll appreciate you as much as they appreciate your jewelry.

Another good thing in buying and wearing trendy beaded jewelry is you do not want to spend thousands of greenbacks to have people who will appreciate your look and your image. Fashionable beaded jewelry like necklaces, earrings and bracelets are available in wide variety of styles and designs. You’ll only spend one or two dollars to few hundred bucks depending on the kind of materials you select for your jewelry.

It is also not hard to find them, they can be discovered in several different places, from markets to haute couture jewelry or garments stores. If you’re attempting to find modern jewelries, they can be found in craft and art galleries, studios or exhibitions that showcase the work of new designers and bead artists.

For pointers to help you with the job of finding haute couture and modern jewelry, you should know and pick the season’s colors to ensure that your beaded jewelry is at the forefront of fashion. You also have to stay informed of latest materials available for beaded jewelry by reading new fashion magazines. When seeking modern jewelry, it is critical that you go for the latest styles for what might be ‘in’ for this season is no longer ‘in’ for the subsequent couple of months.

Wearing trendy beaded jewelry is a technique to bring a straightforward outfit look beautiful and alive! It boosts somebody’s confidence, trust me I know how it feels.