Try New Black Fatigue Mats For Work Comfort

Standing on a hard floor hour after hour at work or while preparing food or washing dishes at home in the kitchen can lead to sore feet and aching backs. Standing for long periods of time can put pressure on a person’s feet, ankles, knees, and lower back that can lead to health problems over time. A simple solution to that discomfort could be using anti-fatigue mats to relieve pressure and increase comfort. The better mats come with warranties and lifetime guarantees because they last so long.

The new mats to try are Sky Solutions anti-gravity mats. They come in convenient sizes such as 39 inches by 20 inches and are about 3/4th inch thick with a weight of 3.6 pounds. These mats are stiff but flexible so they will not wrinkle or crease. They are made of a material like rubber that is not hard but has give built in making for a softer surface to stand on. Even though they have give, they do not compress to the floor over time, but continue to give support. Do not worry about the thickness being a tripping hazard because they have a unique beveled edge design that prevents those type of mishaps. The mats also have an anti-slip backing so they will remain safely in one place. The anti-fatigue design and material give support for long periods of time.

This brand of mat is eco-friendly with safe materials for the environment and no off-gassing or unpleasant smell. These mats are also mildew, mold, and bacteria resistant which makes them very good mats for restaurants, medical and scientific labs, and other places where sanitation is important. These mats would be great to use behind customer counters in coffee shops, bakeries, fast food restaurants, and grocery stores where check out employees must stand for long periods of time. The new stand-up desks have many benefits but they have the disadvantage of the desk user standing on a hard floor. These mats work perfectly with the new desks to make a better office environment. For more information on anti-fatigue mats, go to the website.